Ps. Kola de Klerk


CEO Judea Harvest (MA –  Theology: UJ)

Jacobus Harms de Klerk, better known as Kola de Klerk, is married and has two children. In 1985 he entered the Ministry and was ordained as a pastor in 1987. During his 27 years of ministry, Pastor de Klerk pastored several assemblies and was elected as Regional Chairman for the AFM Church of South Africa in the Johannesburg region. He has conducted research in the western region of Soweto and in a few years 150 churches were planted. Pastor Kola was also involved in the planting of an Afrikaans church in an affluent area in the Garden Route with 14 other churches also being erected in this area under Pastor Kola’s management. He travels in Africa to train leaders in modern Evangelism , Discipleship and Church Planting Strategy.

He served on the Executive Board of the AFM Church of SA for 3 years. Pastor de Klerk was offered a full-time position at the Head Office of Judea Harvest in 2011 which he accepted and has been employed full time since.

Pastor JH de Klerk is the CEO of Judea Harvest and is the Financial Director of the Judea Harvest Directors Board. Over the last 15 years, Pastor De Klerk has been involved in serious church planting. He is a pastor, preacher, teacher, relationship therapist and mentor. He specialises in the art of preaching, church planting and relationship building. He has planted and facilitated the planting of more than 150 churches.  Numerous church planters were coached and guided by him to become effective structural churches. Pastor JH de Klerk holds a Masters Degree (MA-Theology) from the University of Johannesburg. He joined our team to help expand a church planting movement in Africa.

Pastor JH de Klerk is very passionate about his calling and committed to continue his work in Judea Harvest and the building of churches in Africa.

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  1. Dear Pastor Kola De Clerk , two weeks ago I heard you speak at the ICM conference in Charleston SC . YOU SIR ARE A MIGHTY MAN OF GOD . The honesty you shared and repentant heart you have are what we in the body of Christ need to truly make a difference in this world . The love you show to the people of Africa and the difference you are making is very inspiring . I love you Kola De Klerk ! I know the Lord has called me to do the same as you and bring men to repentance and lead them out of there shame . Please pray for me to have youre” courage and be like Micah 6;8 . Paul Jessey

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