Ps. Hansie Henning




Ef 6:18 – Praying always with all prayers

Prayer does not change God or your circumstances. Prayer changes YOU!
The hope that God has is for the change within you.

Prayer must become a blessing in your life
Let my prayer be set forth as incense before you

Rev 8:4 – Our prayer mingled with perfume upon the golden altar before the throne of God.

God really becomes God when you worship him
John 4:23 – The Father seeketh such who worship Him in Spirit and in truth.

Prayer as a Ministry
Your inner chamber becomes your church, your pulpit, your harvest field. Prayer goes in where nobody or nothing else can. It can change the spiritual atmosphere in many places and lives.

Prayer –  The greatest opportunity
You can talk with God as long as you wish, whenever you want to and irrespective of where you are. The more you pray, the better you know Him. This truth never ends!

Prayer Discipline
Mk 11:25– When you pray you have to forgive, you have to get rid of any bitterness and judgment.

Make your Prayer –  life practical and visible

  • Determine your prayer strategy and focus on the goals
  • Identify yourself with your prayer program.
  • 2 Pet 2:7 The righteous man Lot tormented his soul from day to day seeing and hearing their lawlessness and deeds.
  • John 2:14 The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld His glory.
  • Pray with compassion
    Mt 9:36 When Jesus saw the people He was moved with compassion

Effective prayer evangelism is to pray and share with Jesus.

Prayer Ownership

  • Pray according to your contact world. (Your Judea)
  • Intercede towards your point of contacts.
  • Take ownership of your family, street, town, country and even the continent
  • Focus on specific people and needs.
  • Seek and create a visible area in your home:
    A place of special worship.
    A place to really intercede.
    A place where you claim and proclaim the Word and the truths of God.
    A place where you just wait upon God.
    A place where you write down your wishes and testimonies.
    A place to rejoice.
    A place of pure pleasure.

The sound of Prayer confuses the enemy
During these prayer times, the Holy Spirit anoints you to be obedient to His revelations. To be able to pray according to His direct and perfect will.

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