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Judea Continual Pastoral Development (CPD)

The main focus of the Judea CPD programme is to offer the unqualified and illiterate pastors in Africa, a continual biblical training development programme. The church in Africa is led by many young leaders who lead the followers of Christ and influence local communities with limited knowledge. African leaders have neither the necessary qualifications to enrol in training at urban bible colleges. Neither do they have the finances to pay for it or the time to complete official training. Dedicated church members become leaders of churches and must work their land to survive, since rural churches are typically not able to support their leaders financially. Furthermore, formal training institutions like seminaries and universities, will struggle to train enough leaders and pastors, to deliver proper teachings in these churches.


The training of spiritual leaders is not the only answer for Christianity in Africa though. Judea sees this as the first goal but, we will have to move beyond this platform soon, and that is to influence local key strategic leaders as well. This new platform can be described as “community leadership” development. Judea believes the way to develop and empower the African church is through the following:
  • Leadership development and biblical training must be taken to local leaders
  • Training must take place within the African cultural context and learners must be able to learn in their mother tongue
  • Resources must be Africanised
  • Training material should not only be presented through the workbook format but also via audio, and Wi-Fi platforms
  • African leaders must teach African students
  • Leadership development and biblical training must start with foundational or elementary training
  • All trained learners must move forward to the practical section of the training and plant house churches
  • House churches should develop into community churches

A high energy intensified leadership development programme that focus on practical skill that every leader in the church faces. The programme touches on fundraising, strategizing, planning, church planting, financial management, leadership development strategy and personal development . The courses are face to face contact classes at training centres in Burkina Faso, Togo, Ivory Coast, Benin and Zambia.


Champions Programme

Within any group of individuals, there are those with the heart and determination to become champions. Judea Harvest is dedicated to identifying such men and women of God who exemplify this spirit and guiding them along a developmental path to help them realize their full potential.

Examples of these strategic champions include schoolteachers, local entrepreneurs, sports club leaders, community activists, and others. These community leaders provide guidance to their communities, fostering connections among people, and Judea fondly refers to them as “champions.” They are already well-versed and respected within their respective spheres of influence, possessing the skills to mediate disputes and a strong commitment to community development. Judea believes that by empowering them to expand the Kingdom through love and grace, an effective platform for the church’s growth can be created.

The Champions Programme is an intensive initiative focused on nurturing leaders with exceptional leadership abilities. These leaders are carefully selected and enrolled in a fast-track development program, consisting of high-energy face-to-face sessions and personalized reading and study programs. The program emphasizes special leadership skills, personal development, and enhancing personal skills and cognitive function. It incorporates the StrengthsFinder program, the DISC Profile, and is conducted in collaboration with Neuro-Link International.


Judea translates all training materials into local languages using voice over tech. This is the translation of Foundation bible course into local languages.


Judea provides bibles for new converts in Church planting efforts. 


Financial services provide funeral assistance for those who lost loved ones and members in the event of death.


Mission Safari Services provides sustainable safari and hunting experience to the Christian community. Mission Safaris offer trophy hunting and wildlife safaris on a for profit basis. All profits are reinvested into church planting and children’s ministry. Mission Safari Services own a lodge in the Limpopo district in South Africa, which is considered the hunting capital of South Africa.


Eagle Academy is a free online community exclusively created for pastors and other aspiring leaders. Students get access to high-quality biblical content designed to help their ministry and to be more effective. Students also learn the best practices and get practical answers to ministry-related questions.