The Lion Church By Kola De Klerk


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About the Author: Dr. Kola de Klerk

Jacobus Harms de Klerk, widely recognized as Pastor Kola or Doc Kola within the African Church, is a devoted family man with a loving wife and two grown children. He embarked on his pastoral journey, receiving ordination in 1987, and has since served in various congregations across South Africa. Dr. Kola is the proud holder of a Doctoral degree in church planting and is known for his unwavering dedication to studying the Bible and understanding the intricate dynamics of the Church.

Beyond his role in the church, Dr. Kola is a certified and registered Imago relationship therapist, with a deep-seated passion for fostering healthy marriages and family life.

For a decade, Doc Kola devoted his time as a volunteer at Judea Harvest, ultimately transitioning to a full-time role in 2011, where he currently serves as CEO. His primary focus revolves around nurturing and equipping leaders to carry out the work of God and assisting churches in becoming influential within their communities.

Notably, Dr. Kola is a prolific author, addressing topics ranging from the church and faith to church planting, missions, and relationships.

His fervent commitment to missions has led him to engage in leadership development and church planting endeavours in diverse regions, including Russia, Ukraine, South Africa, and various African countries.

Dr. Kola had the distinct honour of serving on the Executive Board of the Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM) Church in South Africa, one of the country’s largest church denominations. Additionally, he held the position of Regional Chairman for the AFM in Johannesburg and Soweto. During this tenure, Dr. Kola conducted a strategic research programme in Soweto and facilitated the establishment of 150 new churches in the area. He also personally initiated the planting of a new church that caters to affluent communities along the west coast of South Africa.

Doc Kola’s commitment to mentoring and training extends across the African continent, where he regularly travels to empower church planters and leaders in modern-day evangelism, discipleship, and effective church planting strategies. His influence resonates far and wide, impacting both individual lives and entire communities through his unwavering dedication to the cause of Christ.