The 5 Love Lives of Highly Successful People By Kola De Klerk


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The Complexity of Human Relationships

Relationships are undeniably the most intricate aspect of human nature. We are inherently wired for connection, yet these very connections can sometimes inflict pain and even lead to our destruction. While we yearn for profound and meaningful connections, we also hold a deep desire for independence and self-actualization.

Unlocking the Nature of Love and Relationship

In this easily accessible book, Kola de Klerk provides clear insights into the nature of love and relationships in a practical and achievable manner. He guides us on how to nurture our love for God and cultivate meaningful connections with the people around us.

A Life Dedicated to Understanding Relationships

With 33 years of marriage and two adult children, Kola has committed his life to helping people comprehend the complexities of relationships, both with one another and with God. His diverse roles as a traveler, missionary, Pastor, speaker, teacher, and practitioner of the Christian message reflect his unwavering dedication to this noble cause. Through his experiences and wisdom, he shares valuable insights to help individuals navigate the intricate web of human relationships.