Sharing Jesus here, there and everywhere by Louis Blom




My Journey in Service to the Lord

Since May 1985, I have been faithfully serving the Lord, and I must say that it is more accurate to state that Christ found me rather than the other way around, as I was the one who was lost. This life-changing encounter occurred in my hometown, Newcastle, in the rural areas of KwaZulu-Natal. It was here that I also met and married my beloved wife, Thea. Our full-time journey in God’s service began in 1989 when we moved to Johannesburg to study at the AFM Theological Seminary and the Rand Afrikaans University. Subsequently, we dedicated six years to pastoral ministry in Kempton Park.

Founding Judea Harvest and Global Ministry

In 1998, we became part of the founding leadership team of Judea Harvest, embarking on a journey that would take us across the world. We have tirelessly worked for God within Judea Harvest, traveling extensively and visiting more than 35 countries worldwide. Our mission has been to teach, preach, and engage with leaders to further the Kingdom of God.

Challenges Faced by the Church in Africa

Throughout our travels and interactions with churches and leaders worldwide, I have encountered some of the most pressing challenges that the Church in Africa is currently facing. Among these challenges, the lack of a proper working definition, understanding, and program of discipleship, as outlined in the great commandment in Matthew 28:19, stands out prominently. In my opinion, this dearth of discipleship in Africa presents the most significant challenge to date.

The Urgent Need for Discipleship in Africa

I firmly believe that this is the most pressing need in Africa today. While Africa has experienced mass evangelization over the past century, resulting in millions committing their lives to Christ, the discipling aspect of the great commission remains largely unattended. This represents a critical gap in the spiritual growth of believers on the continent.

The Next Step: Following Jesus as Disciples

Christianity in Africa is at a crossroads. While we have seen vast numbers of people profess their faith in Christ through mass crusades and evangelistic efforts, the crucial process of discipleship, the next step in following Jesus, has not been adequately prioritized by those who identify as Christians in Africa. The Church in Africa urgently needs Christians who display the life change expected from those who have embraced Christ. Consequently, following Christ and becoming His disciple are the next significant steps for the Church in Africa.

This journey of faith and service has shaped my understanding of the challenges and needs facing the Church in Africa, driving my commitment to addressing these pressing issues through the ministry of Judea Harvest.