Funding The Church By Danie Reynecke


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Danie has been an integral part of the Judea Leadership team since the year 2000. Over the first decade of his tenure with Judea Harvest, he contributed significantly to ministry efforts, traveling extensively across Southern Africa, Eastern Africa, North America, and Southern Asia. These journeys resulted in enduring relationships and meaningful connections being established.

During these initial years, Danie’s ministry primarily centered around the concept of Biblical Giving. This passion even drove him to pursue and complete his doctorate degree at the University of Johannesburg, specializing in the “Funding of the Church.” A testament to his dedication is that, over the last decade, Danie has played a crucial role in raising over R200 million for the expansion of God’s Kingdom.

Presently, Danie holds the position of CEO at Judea Training, a part of the Judea Group. In partnership with Teach Every Nation, Judea Training has brought education and training to churches, enrolling an impressive 22,000 students since 2013. These students have successfully completed 55,000 Biblical One Day Courses.

The journey of Judea Harvest began in 1999 in Kempton Park, South Africa, under the name Judea Harvest. Initially, the ministry primarily focused on assisting local South African churches with evangelism outreaches. Within just five years, an astonishing 10,000 evangelism crusades were conducted in Southern Africa, often utilizing Judea Harvest marquee tents generously sponsored by the ministry.

This early success led to the establishment of the church planting division within the ministry in 2004. By 2017, Judea Harvest celebrated the establishment of its 3,000th tent church. The ministry continues to support pastors in tent church plantings, with an average of 260 new tent churches being planted each year. Additionally, Judea Harvest now extends assistance to pastors in constructing permanent church buildings, and between 2017 and 2019, they successfully completed the construction of SNAP church number 120 in partnership with ICM.

The most recent addition to the Judea Group is called Judea Hope, focusing on Early Childhood Development and community outreach. Remarkably, the Judea Group operates across 27 African countries, making a profound impact on the continent.