Following Jesus By Louis Blom


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I have been serving the Lord since May 1985, when I found Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. However, after all these years serving Christ, I think it is more accurate to say that Christ found me, as I was the one that was lost. This all happened in my hometown, Newcastle, in the rural areas of KwaZulu-Natal, where I also met and married my wife, Thea. We have been working full-time for God since 1989 when we moved to Johannesburg to study at the AFM Theological Seminary and Rand Afrikaans University. Thereafter, we served in pastoral ministry for six years in Kempton Park.

The Challenges Facing the Church in Africa

The greatest problems that the church in Africa is facing became apparent during my journey. While traveling extensively and visiting churches and leaders worldwide, I discovered some of the most pressing issues plaguing the African church. I observed a lack of proper definition, understanding, and implementation of discipleship—a vital component of the great commission outlined in Matthew 28:19. In my opinion, this deficit of discipleship in Africa presents the most significant challenge to date.

I also recognize that this is the most pressing need in Africa today. Over the past century, Africa has experienced extensive evangelization efforts, and to a large extent, this aspect of the great commission has been fulfilled. However, the discipling aspect of the great commission in Africa still requires substantial attention.

The Next Step: Following Jesus

Christianity in Africa faces a significant challenge. While millions have committed their lives to Christ through mass crusades and various evangelism outreaches, the discipleship process—the next step in following Jesus—has not been adequately embraced by those who consider themselves Christians in Africa. Christianity in Africa desperately needs believers who not only profess faith but also exhibit the transformative life change expected from those who have accepted Christ. Therefore, following Christ and becoming His disciple represent the next crucial paradigm shift in African Christianity.