9X18M Tent with 100 Chairs Combo

Original price was: R43,000.00.Current price is: R41,500.00.



Elevate Your Event with the Judea Harvest 9x18m Tent and 100 Chairs Combo!

When it’s time to plan your grand event, Judea Harvest has the perfect solution for you – our 9x18m Tent and 100 Chairs Combo. This comprehensive package is designed to provide a spacious venue and comfortable seating, ensuring your event is unforgettable.

Included in this fantastic combo:

  • 9x18m Tent: Our generously sized tent, measuring 9x18m, offers abundant space for your guests to gather, celebrate, and enjoy the occasion.
  • 100 Chairs: Stylish and comfortable seating options that ensure your guests have a delightful and memorable experience.

Whether it’s a wedding, corporate function, or a community event, our combo is versatile and adaptable to your needs. Judea Harvest is dedicated to making your event a success, and this cost-effective combo is here to help you make a statement at your next gathering!