9X13.5M Tent with 100 Chairs Combo

Original price was: R34,500.00.Current price is: R33,000.00.



Create Unforgettable Gatherings with the Judea Harvest 9×13.5m Tent and 100 Chairs Combo!

When it comes to event planning, Judea Harvest has you covered with our 9×13.5m Tent and 100 Chairs Combo. This exceptional package provides the ideal setting for your gatherings, ensuring that every guest is comfortable and your event is memorable.

Included in this remarkable combo:

  • 9×13.5m Tent: Our spacious tent, with a footprint of 9×13.5m, offers ample room for your guests to relax, dine, and enjoy your special occasion.
  • 100 Chairs: Stylish and comfortable seating options that ensure your guests have a pleasant and memorable experience.

Host weddings, corporate functions, or community events in the best possible way with this comprehensive package. At Judea Harvest, we understand your event needs and are here to help you make a statement with our versatile and cost-effective tent and chair combo. Your event’s success is our priority!