Prayer have always played a vital role within the Judea world. One of the founders, Pastor Hansie Henning is heading the Judea prayer ministry. This sector is called the Prayer Oven. The motto is that prayer is not a sub-division of the Christian faith, but that the Christian faith is prayer. Hansie has established “prayer ovens” all over Africa among believers. These ovens pray for the general needs of the church, governments, God’s will and for the saving of the lost in Africa. They are motivated, encouraged and managed through WhatsApp groups.

Prayer is also part of the Judea Head Office workforce. Once a week, employees get together for prayer meetings. Prayer requests, project goals, ministry needs and many more are submitted and the employees under the leadership of Pastor Cornelius Mlangeni pray for these requests. In addition, once a month the head office staff gathers for a spiritual development gathering. During these sessions the CEOs of each department share the Word and lead the team in prayer. During these sessions the CEOs give feedback with regards to current projects and new projects.

Judea will never start a new project without prayer. Judea understands that prayer is one of the most powerful weapons given to believers by God.