The world-wide illiteracy phenomena is another challenge that the African church is dealing with. Illiteracy is defined as not knowing how to read or to write beyond a basic level, understanding directions, or having the capacity to complete tasks in a timely manner. It is known that 18 of the world’s 20 most illiterate countries are in Africa. Many of the spiritual workers are functionally illiterate. These individuals can read and potentially write simple sentences with limited vocabulary but cannot read or write well enough to handle daily requirements of life in their own society. Thus, the correct interpreting of Scripture, understanding biblical passages and preparing sermons and teachings are challenges that many pastors deal with daily.

Judea steps into this gap and offers potential pastors and students an affordable, cost-effective, and practical solution to assist them with their training and leadership development. Judea has been registered as an Affiliated Institution of ACRP under the ACRP’s Council for General Ministry Practitioners. The CPD training is called The First Step in Training Programme.


Africa is home to 1.2 billion people. During the next 30 years, governments will have to deliver 5.8 million teachers and 5.6 million front line medical workers to address the educational and medical needs of the continent. Not only is the continent’s population growing rapidly but, the church is also showing fast growth. Although this is good news for the Kingdom, it also brings along challenges for the global church.

Granting that much has been done with regards to training, research shows that an estimated 1 million pastors teach the Bible every Sunday in Africa with very little and no biblical training at all. The majority of churches in rural areas, especially those outside the mainstream denominations, are being led by men and women who have only a basic understanding of God’s word. In many African countries, churches have an average of only one trained pastor for every 20 churches (Buys, Theological Training for Untrained pastors. By 2040 the church will need 5 million trained pastors to address the spiritual needs of the continent.

Judea’s answer to this challenge is the CONTINUAL PASTORAL DEVELOPMENT (CPD) programme. Through the First Step in Training CPD programme, Judea wants to empower 1 million African pastors with elementary biblical training over the next 30 years.


Judea Harvest introduced the John Journey programme to Africa during 2001. John Journey is an evangelism, discipleship and church planting course. The course is presented through printed workbooks, audio devices and video resources. Over the last 20 years, more than 150 000 pastors and students completed the John Journey programme across Africa. The result is that thousands were reached with the gospel and around 7 715 house churches were planted. An estimated 900 community churches were established that started in John Journey house churches. Registered pastors and students start with the John Journey foundational programme. This programme covers biblical foundations for modern day evangelism, discipleship and house church planting. Included are the New Testament ethics lessons, which is offered on an audio device.

  • Sharing Jesus. Workbooks, audio & video formats
  • Following Jesus. Workbooks, audio & video formats
  • House Church Planting. Workbooks, audio & video formats
  • The Sermon on the Mount. Audio & online printed formats


Registered pastors and students start with the John Journey Foundational programme. This programme covers Biblical foundations for modern day evangelism, discipleship, and house church planting. Included are the New Testament ethics lessons, which are offered on an audio device.

Pastors and students also sign up/register for the John’s Financial course. This programme offers pastors and students a framework of ethical principles regarding money and possessions.


The Foundation’s Audio unit is a mobile audio device that pastors, students and church members use as a personal and group resource training instrument. This mobile device is charged either with electricity or through a built-in solar panel. Many African languages are on offer for listeners. Additionally, the Foundation’s Course on the audio unit serves as the core curriculum for nurturing believers and assisting the spiritual growth of the church worldwide. This teaching provides a devotional approach to the scriptures and is easily understood by those with little education and those who are very educated.


  • Family and Marriage
  • Sermon on The Mount
  • The New Testament Survey
  • The Old Testament Survey