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Taking the church to the
people in Africa, that’s what
we do! – Ps. Kola de Klerk


  • Judea Hope is truly uplifting and developing thousands of at RISK children in Hope Centres.

    Dr. Louis Blom

    Judea Harvest President

  • There is probably no better feeling of fulfillment than being able to help another human being. The altruistic experience of giving resounds the voice of Winston Churchill: We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

    Peter Grobbelaar

    Program & Project Management consulting at PCG Solar




The impact of our programs on the lives of these precious children can not be measured in our lifetime.

Judea Harvest

It is the mission of Judea Harvest to mobilize, equip and to provide resources for God’s laborers to complete the Great Commission in Africa. Tents are an extremely cost effective and mobile way to penetrate the previously disadvantaged areas and positively impact the lives of the African people. To date Judea Harvest has deployed 2500 gospel marquee tents. Tents are used for Evangelism, Church Planting and Community up-liftment Projects. There are more than 10 000 local pastors and leaders in our Judea Harvest network, working with our tents, as well as our training and other resources. Millions of people have been reached and close to 10 000 new churches have been planted across Africa because of the resources and interventions of Judea Harvest during the past 16 years. Judea Harvest has been project managing various ministry and development projects very successfully, across Africa for the past 16 years with incredible results. We invite organizations and foundations to partner with us, transforming the people of our continent!
Judea Harvest
Judea Harvest is in Zimbabwe.
200 Mini Bible College Solar Panel Devices heading to Zimbabwe.
We can't wait to hear the testimonies🥳

Judea Training
Judea Harvest
Judea Harvest
Our Faith in Jesus Christ binds us into a new family of believers, regardless of our different heritage.

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Judea Harvest
Judea Harvest
Judea Harvest is in Mali.
The Gospel is unstoppable!

No storm or river or any form of transportation can stand in the way of the Gospel getting into people's hands.

1000 Solar Panel Mini Bible College devices safely delivered to Mali😅!

Thank you Jesus!

Judea Harvest
Judea Harvest
Judea Harvest is in Mozambique.
Regional Manager (RM) feature:
Pastor Osvaldo - Mozambique.

Did you know Judea Harvest RM's works for Judea Harvest voluntarily?
Most of them fulfill the role of a Pastor in a local church, some of them even work and Pastor a church. One thing all our RM's have in common is seeing the work of the Lord advance in their communities.

The photo below captures one of those "advancing" moments. Pastor Osvaldo leaves his Church and family behind and heads to the Bandua area to supervise a Church being built.

We are grateful for your heart and hard work Pastor.

Judea Harvest
Judea Harvest posted a video to playlist Fridays With Kola.
"I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulations. But take heart; I have overcome the world." - Jesus of Nazareth (John 16:33)
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Judea Harvest
Judea Harvest is in Lomé, Togo.
Lomé, Togo
Mini Bible College (MBC)

We dream of taking training to all untrained Pastors in Africa. Can you imagine what a difference it will make in Churches when Church leaders learn how to interpret the Bible? When there is a deeper understanding of Jesus and His Word?

Oh, may the Lord give us the means to give at least 1 million Pastors access to Biblical training.

Thankfully, our partners and friends at ICM have helped us to start fulfilling that dream with the MINI BIBLE COLLEGE.

Bit by bit we are blanketing Africa with the small but potent solar panel radio device with core biblical curriculum programmed on it.

Praise Jesus for His faithfulness as the Church (His Church) grows in the fulness of His word.

Judea Training