Three Trees

Three Trees LogoSo it is official; dreams do come true. When we started Judea Harvest in 1999 we had a BIG dream. We dreamt of mobilising, equipping and resourcing evangelists, church planters, pastors, the men and women  of God in Africa so that they can bring in the harvest for God. We dreamt of 3000 gospel marquee tents that could seat and house a million people per night reaching the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ. For God so loved the continent of Africa and stirred our hearts to build a harvest machine of 3000 tents, housing a million people. And that dream is coming true this year. By September this year we will be dedicating tent number 3000.

From day one Judea Harvest dreamt about having a ministry base. We wrote many documents, master plans, drew sketches, and wrote business plans and proposals for many, many years. Dreaming of having a ministry base that could house our offices, our storage and all our logistical operations. The logistics move millions of Christian literature, Bibles, food, John Gospels as well as the tents and the SNAP Churches. We dreamt of having a place where people can come and stay over and pray and seek God and drill a spiritual hole so that the place can become a spiritual fountain for Africa from where we can do our work. Our dream has come true. This year a transfer was made and a 10 hectare plot that is now called Three Trees was registered in the name of Judea Harvest.

Three Trees is the place of our dreams. Three Trees represents the three divisions of Judea Harvest, it also symbolises the three crosses; our Lord Jesus Christ and other two people that was crucified with Him. Three Trees symbolises the place where we plant trees for God. We launch ministries, church planting movements and food distribution projects. Trees of life and our three divisions are carefully interwoven into the whole dream of Judea Harvest. We thank God for providing and thank everybody that contributed to make this dream a reality. May many millions of souls be impacted by this wonderful ministry base called Three Trees. May many projects be launched from here and touch and grow trees throughout Africa.

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