Judea Training

Judea Training

In 2013 Judea Training was founded to address the training needs of the millions of people in Africa that are doing ministry but have no training.


The primary focus of Judea Training is to equip the untrained pastor and his/her leadership for the ministry. The vision of Judea Training is to take practical, cost effective Biblical training to the people. 

The first phase of Judea Training was in partnership with TEN (Teach Every Nation) led by Dr Bruce Wilkinson. Ten developed all the courses and these were produced via a live Satellite Broadcast system. Broadcasttook place at a local church or house via satellite in a given community, called a JUDEA TRAINING CAMPUS. Through these broadcasts, thousands of students were reached with relevant TEN courses. By the end of 2015 more than 15 000 students completed 15 609 courses in SADEC.

Judea-Training_03The current delivery system for TEN courses is through protected TEN DVDsStudents pay R100.00 per course which includes a TEN workbook. Campuses can now meet at their own convenience to participate in the TEN training program. The campus Dean will assist students to complete the evaluation forms which are important to receive a TEN Certificate. Local Deans work in association with Judea Harvest Regional Managers across SADEC.

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14 Comments on “Judea Training

  1. Hi there

    Am in need of bibles, as we do evangelism in the vaal we always find that it is emparative that we leave those that have welcomed Christ into their life’s with bibles…

    Those that we had are finished and we are in need of sotho and English bibles.

    Your assistance will be highly appreciated


  2. I have more than 20 people who are interested in ECD teachers training, please advise as to how do I get trainers.

  3. It is a good thing for people who are passionate in doing the work of God.
    I Would like to be part of your training as one of your students.
    I am interested in studying at your organisation.
    is it possible to study with your at a long distance, via emails or post?

  4. It is a good thing for people who are pasionate in doing the work of God.I Would like to be part of your training as one of your students.I am interested in studying at your organisation.

  5. evenning. Im Siphamandla im interested in training what must i do?

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