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  1. I am so grateful to see the greate job you are doing. Our church has started 2009 and we are looking for donations ( structure and music system). Can you please help with information? We situated in Hammanskraal ( Pretoria ).

  2. May God bless all your projects and may He increase His Grace.
    In our community there’s a shortage of bibles, how can you assist?

  3. I really thank God for the good work that u are doing. I pray that he increase more and more for you. I have a question that I need to be helped with. l am staying in the rural area in mpumalanga and the is a need for children home I have all the skills but cant establish one cause I dont have resources like place where I can keep them. even our churche is not able to help because we dont have our own place we use class room it is so difficilt can you please help me.

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