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Dedication of tent 3000

Three men came together in 1998 and received an incredibly large task from God. The Word was: “ Gather the Harvest ! ” The vision became clearer after much prayer, and it was decided to build a harvesting machine that could reach one million people for Christ. Past Hansie Henning, the first and now retired President of Judea Harvest brought the idea of doing this through blue and white gospel marquee tents. We would need to deploy 3 000 tents to be able to reach our one million goal. After deploying tent number 1 500 Pastor Hansie Henning retired and Dr Louis Blom became the President. Since then Dr Louis Blom and his wife Thea Blom and their team continued deploying 20 to 30 tents per month, relentlessly chasing the goal, one million people for Christ.

A couple years ago Dr Louis Blom founded Judea Hope, with the vision to develop a network of child care centres that utilised and maximise the same evangelism tents deployed. Today Thea Blom is the leader of our Judea Hope work, making a very real difference in the lives of thousands of children in terms of food security, nutrition, education , care and Salvation . To date hundreds of tons of high nutritious warm cooked meals have been distributed through our million meals project. Many of our ECD’s “ Early Childhood Development “ centres are founded in our tents, however as the church grows, a building is built for church and ECD classes.

It became evident that the evangelists and Pastors working in the tents had a dire need for Training. Dr Blom subsequently founded Judea Training, bringing affordable, practical, ministry skills training to much of the one million untrained African pastors. In Partnership with TEN, Judea Training currently under the leadership of Dr Danie Reyneke we have more than 20 000 registered students that have completed in access of 50 000 life changing one day courses.

As Judea Harvest kept developing the Lord led us to create the concept of Judea Harvest Group with the thee divisions, Judea Hope, Judea Training and obviously Judea Harvest that continues to focus on the initial focus of evangelism and church planting, currently under the leadership of Past Kola de Klerk that joined our team a couple years ago. Past Kola also went ahead and developed our three year old Snap Church program. The Snap Church is a pre-fabricated building that can be assembled on site within 10 days. This building program provides in the great need for churches planted with tents, and have grown to the next level of acquiring land and building a permanent structure. To date we have built more than 70 snap churches and plan to build 1000 in the next season, as God provides the resources. Our Snap Churches are also used as Hope centres reaching children.

Judea Harvest Group continues to enjoy the favour of God on our work. We celebrate the reaching of our first goal, 3000 tents, and we have proven that you can have big goals for God , as long as you give yourself enough time, 18 years to reach them! We will continue to gather His great Harvest in Africa and are humbled by the privilege that our team has to do this work. We salute all our Three Trees Staff, our Regional managers, Country directors, Training Deans, ECD educators, Evangelists and Pastors working in our network of tents and Churches. We have more than 10 000 Pastors and leaders in our network that we developed during the past 18 years, the glue is Jesus, our Love for Him and one another. We also thank or friends and partners and donors who entrusted us with the million upon millions of rands that made all this possible.


It is the mission of Judea Harvest to mobilise, equip and to provide resources for God’s labourers to complete the Great Commission in Africa. Millions of people have been reached and close to 10 000 new churches have been planted across Africa because of the resources and interventions of Judea Harvest since its inception in 1999. Judea Harvest has been managing various ministry and development projects very successfully, across Africa with incredible results. We invite organisations and foundations to partner with us, transforming the people of our continent!


Tents are an extremely cost effective and mobile way to penetrate the previously disadvantaged areas and positively impact the lives of the African people. To date, Judea Harvest has deployed 2700 gospel marquee tents. Tents are used for Evangelism, Church Planting and Community upliftment Projects. There are more than 10 000 local pastors and leaders in our network, working with our tents, as well as our training and other resources.

Judea Harvest TentSnap Church

We dream to provide a highly subsidised permanent structure that can be built in one week, with minimal labour cost, that can accommodate up to 200 people. Visit our Snap Church page here.

Empangeni Snap Church Dedication

Empangeni Snap Church Dedication

Judea Harvest Group

Judea Harvest Group consists of 3 organisations. Judea Harvest, the church planting and evangelism movement, Judea Training, working to train spiritual leaders across Africa, and Judea Hope, working to uplift South Africa’s previously disadvantaged communities.


Read our Blog Page here to see more of our latest work.

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  1. Hi i’m Sandiso in Engcobo eastern cape I’m a pstor in Holy Christian Minitry. I wanted to know if what to do if I want to join Judea Harvest to be a partner ?

    • Good Day Sandiso Qhaga

      I would like to thank you for wanting to become a member. I will give you our office number via email, where you can there call the office to apply for a membership, Cecilia Botha will be able to assist you.

      Kind Regards

  2. Hi
    My name is Pastor John. The home church where I fellowship have grown so much that we even have started branches in Free State, whereas we are based in Gauteng, Vereeniging.

    I have been deployed to lead and pastor branch in Koppies, Free State. I would like to acquire a tent first of all and secondly start a feeding program for the children at church and their friends,

    I will highly appreciate a price plan of how to pay back the money and find the information about feeding programs that you can help me with

    • Good Day Pastor John Moloi

      Thank you for your commend on Judea Harvest. We will gladly assist you with a tent, I will send you an attachment via email with the prizes and sizes for the tents.
      The feeding program is under Judea Hope. You can go visit our Judea Hope page and I can give you the office number where you can talk yo Cecilia Botha, she will be able to give you all the information you need for the feeding program.

      Thank you
      Kind Regards

  3. Am Collins kasanda originally from Zambia but serving God as a missionary in Swaziland. my pation is out- reach and planting. I have planted a church but we are believing God to have our own tent. please, we would love to have the tent before the end of November. the one using now is rented one. we can start paying it bit by bit and God will help us to finish.

    • Good Day Francis
      Thank you for your commend on the website. We would be clad to help you with a tent.
      I will send you an attachment via email, there you will find the information you need about the tents.

      Kind Regards

    • Hello Francis,

      We do not provide second hand tents but you can speak to Wynand Visser about getting a new one. He can be reached at +27(0) 83 650 1083 or emailed at wynand@judeaharvest.co.za

      Best Regards.

  4. Greetings in the Name of Jesus Christ,My Name is Thabang Matlotlo I am currently studying degree in theology second year and I have established the ministry on the 12June 2016 in one of the rural areas in Northwest I have a challenge of getting the tent and chairs ,I made the quote of a tent and chairs but I can’t raise the amount required now,the sound we have bought so far and we blessed with the site of 100m2 ,we need help to get established at least the tent of 24*9 m will be okay for us to start,please assist,we will pay back the whole sum within 6months,please assist us.

    • Good Day Thabang Matlotlo
      You can talk to Waynand about the tent, I will send you his contact details via email.

      Kind Regards

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